Post from week 4/25-4/27

This week we finished RAD-58 and found out it had already been completed so we started RAD-235. This issue has to do with the modality of the radiology machine. Ivo wants them called a different way. On Wednesday we believed we completed the issue. On Monday we will discuss as a group if we think […]

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Post from week 4/18-4/22

This week our group fixed the RAD-58 issue. We still need to follow the steps to get the change approved and committed. This will be done next week once we ask Ivo some questions about JUnit tests. I also made progress with Dana getting the environment set up on his desktop so that he doesn’t […]

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Post From Week 3/7-3/11

This week I read all of the chapters from clean coder and wrote blog posts for each. I have started The process of installing vagrant. I’m running into an error with mySQL. I’m going to install all of the requirements we needed at the beginning of the semester with the hope that I install something […]

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